What do you getů

when you take four rowdy girls, Dress them up in freaky wild stage attire, add massive drippings of Aqua Net and play 60's garage/punk rock/surf songs about everything from lovers done wrong to super canines, evil bi-atches and parts of the male anatomy?
From the first fuzztone strokes of the Big Muff-powered Hagstrom hollowbody to the organ grinding drone of Farfisa keyboards to the pretty and pissy vocal harmonies, Poontwang grabs you where you live with a rockin' sound that mixes influences of Lesley Gore, The Pandoras and Minor Threat.

The all-girl band that proves that you don't need cocks to rock!

Original songs like "Lord God King Bufu," "Getting' Barelled" and the always crowd favorite "Are You Well Hung?" proves they know how to writekiller, catchy songs with lyrics you find yourself singing the next day in the shower. Catch Poontwang live and you might see these wacky-ass girls throwing candy and condoms during songs, modeling towering wigs and occasionally eating dog food at the finale of their song "Mighty Dog."